The order of Taiwan drama not chronological?

Before the recent teaser of “Life” (夜市人生) on Channel 8, I always thought that “A Place Called Home” (娘家) would directly succeed “Love/The Spirits of Love” (愛) as the seven o’clock primetime weekend drama and “Night Market Life” would be sometime in 2013/2014 after that. But now, “Life” would possibly be succeeding “Love” sometime in July (I’m sure Ai has 787 episodes (from a local newspaper) now around 600 or something, and one source (Chinese Wikipedia) says it would end in July) or first air when Ai is still running because of this teaser. Which means “A Place Called Home” first air could be ‘pushed back’ into 2012 or later (As confirmed in one forum at xinmsn, saying it would air in 2012 on weekends).

And there will be a local drama in the theme of kampung showing on weekdays at 7pm. A few more local dramas then I’m thinking “Life” would be airing on weekdays (like Ai), in which initially I thought Niang Jia would be in that slot.

In 2008, “The Unforgettable Memory” (意難忘) was still showing at 1630 hours on weekdays when “Love” started on weekends. If Ye Shi Ren Sheng is airing, then Niang Jia would start airing… I’M GETTING CONFUSED ABOUT FUTURE AND PREDICTING WRONG THINGS ALREADY LOH! >:(

I’m not into Taiwanese Hokkien drama often, but I checked some Formosa TV (FTV) (original channel which aired these dramas, with dialect not avaliable in S’pore) drama in Chinese Wikipedia for the cast list and the internet, knowing the chronology of the drama show airing. In FTV, 意難忘 was succeeded by 再生緣 (short running drama, I don’t know whether it aired on Ch8 or not, maybe not likely), then 愛, then 娘家 and then still running at the time of this post 夜市人生.

And I anticipated the theme song change of Ai, but it will never change, staying at WA MENG TI until the last episode with outdated cast list and video sequence. (by one source from a Facebook fan page of that show)

In conclusion, the airings of FTV dramas on Channel 8 are not chronological. But then, 金色摩天輪 (The Golden Ferris Wheel) (Sanlih E-TV Drama) directly succeed Taiwan Tornado (台灣龍捲風, from the same original channel), both in the original channel (2005) and Mediacorp Channel 8 (January 2011). Would Mediacorp present chronological order of drama shows from that channel (Sanlih E-TV Dramas)?

My apologies if this post is to confuse you. I just followed most of my thoughts.

UPDATE 1: Ye shi ren sheng’s English title is called “Life” and will air on February 27 on weekends, 7pm. Even then, Ai is still running. Just like when Yi Nan Wang is running, Ai started. Simultaneous broadcast of two FTV shows can be a bit confusing.

UPDATE 2: Because of ye shi ren sheng’s broadcast, Ai’s ending date will be pushed back to October.


~ by merlion444 on February 15, 2011.

5 Responses to “The order of Taiwan drama not chronological?”

  1. I have watch the Taiwanese TV drama series “Life in the Night Market” and it seems to me that all series are too long and dull. With a lot of Taiwanese stupidity. Like the scene of Night Market Chee Keong’s father do not know that Amy is pretending. He is a doctor owning a hospital. What sort of Taiwanese mentality. There are other series which also look stupid. Like their police can detain people without any investigation. And there are no avenue for innocent people to seek assistance.
    All Their drama series are long winded which are not the trend now. Look at the Hong Kong and Korean tv series, especially the Korean one. They are so popular now. Because most of their series are not long. They do not bring in sub plots to just prolong the show.

  2. Ever watch Taiwanese hokkien TV DRAMA SERIES.Every series are about the same stupid plot. Comes in thousands of episodes which have no meaning and connections to the real story. But just to drag and create to thousand of dull series. I have seen some aired inAstro Malaysia. And I do think that they lack with lawyers but depend mostly on gangsters and corrupt police. Not like Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korean tv series which have more meaningful depiction of daily lives. I would prefer that Astro like Tv Malaysia where they screen more series from Hong Kong.
    I was wondering why an advance country like Taiwan they lack lawyers.That every series have to depend on gangsters and corrupt police.
    Most of the Taiwanese tv series centred around their characters who either have three or four wives, husband and wivwes fcuking here and there without any moral. And producing all sorts of bastard children. As if the country is so corrupted and immoral in daily lives.
    I would recommend the Chinese to watch more Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korean tv series which are really meaningful and more moral and not so long winded stories which are dull.

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  5. I am no longer going to talk about this topic anymore. I only kept this post for archival purposes, and yet people only come to this blog site just to read it till this day. This is not what I intended my blog to become.

    Read this:

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